– TWIN COAT: 2 in 1 product!
– Use as a strong base coat for lasting results, apply in a very thin layer and cure with LED: 30 sec or UV: 120 sec.
-Apply the colour of your choice and cure for 30 sec
– Apply another layer of colour for an intense result and cure for 30 sec
– Apply the TWIN COAT again for a high gloss finish and cure with LED: 90 sec or UV: 120 sec. Afterwards, wipe the sticky surface with cleanser on cellulose pads. Anti-scratch formula!
TIP 1: 2 layers are recommended as a base coat or finish gel.
TIP 2: Use it as top coat on Hard Gel application, Acrylic, Soak-off gel, Polyagryl for a mesmerizing glow with no scratches that last!

Made in Germany

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