Angels Strong and Repair Rubber Color Base for All Gel System and Acrylic! Self Leveling!

Can be used as:

As a base coat for Shellac/ Hard Gel/ PolyAcryl/Acrylic etc.

As a color for Gel Polish – 2 layers & Top Coat 
– Ideal for French-style for all Gel Systems and Acrylic
– Ideal for baby boomer style

– Medium-thick – perfect creamy consistency

Cure: LED: 30 sec. / UV: 120 sec.


Prepare the nails as usual, apply Angels Nail Prep, apply the Angels Prime Bonder to the nail plate, wait one minute, and apply Rubber Color  Base, cure, apply the second layer, and cure, or apply a gel polish color, or French. Finish with Angels Gloss Finish no wipe top coat


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