New! High reinforcement Gel Polish Base Pink color with Vitamin E & Calcium! Thick viscosity.

  • Thick viscosity for nail extension
  • Strong adhesion, Primer is optional
  • Contains synthetic fibers
  • Flexible, no crack, ideal for weak nails
  • Perfect for “Baby Boomer” effect
  • LED: 30 sec. / UV: 90 sec
  • No HEAT
  • No odor
  • You can use it as a Pink color on the hard gel, acrylic or polyacryl!
  • Read the below step-by-step application
    1. Prepare the nails as usual. Apply ANGels Nail Prep and let it dry. (optional you can apply ANGels Prime-Bonder). 2. Apply a layer Angels Fibre  Pinky Base. Its thickness depends on the effect you want to achieve – if you want to overlay the nail, apply more product in layers, drying each of them under the lamp. It can also be used to extend the nail using a nail form. If Fibre Pinky Base is used in the form of a regular base coat under manicure, it is enough to apply a thin layer of the product and dry it under the lamp (drying time depends on the power of the lamp). 3. Apply a thin layer of any color gel polish and dry it under the lamp. 4. Apply another layer of color gel polish (remember to seal the free edge) and dry the nails under the lamp. 5. The varnished nails should be covered with any Angels top coat and dried under the lamp. Your nails are ready!
  • Made in the USA

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