Important – designed for professionals.
Cover – perfect for a French natural manicure
Cure: LED: 
30 sec. / UV: 2 minutes
No Burn! – 
thanks to the lowered polymerization temperature.

Consistency – easy thanks to honey consistency
Self-leveling – no files needed
Flexible – with perfect adhesion to the natural nail
No bubbles – for nail modeling
No allergies – no cases of allergies
Camouflage & Builder  – gel 2 in 1, ideal for natural nails, tips, or nail extensions with forms

For better adhesion, we recommend the use of a Prime-bonder.  (In case of allergies, use Extreme Non-acid Primer. ) 

We recommend applying the first thin layer to avoid skin splashing.
For ease of use, apply first a Universal Base Coat and cure for 30sec. 

We strongly recommend the use of a Gloss Finish No Wipe Top Coat as the last layer. Just cure in the lamp for 90 sec. and ready!

It will give you an unblemished shine!
Made in Germany

2-in-1 Cover & Builder Gel, ideal for natural nails, tips, or nail extensions with forms. Designed for professionals. Perfect for a French natural manicure. 

Made in Germany

In stock

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