Important – designed for professionals.
Cover – perfect for a French natural manicure
Cure: LED:
30 sec. / UV: 2 minutes
No Burn! –
thanks to the lowered polymerization temperature.

Consistency – easy thanks to honey consistency
Self-leveling – no files needed
Flexible – with perfect adhesion to the natural nail
No bubbles – for nail modeling
No allergies – no cases of allergies
Camouflage & Builder  – gel 2 in 1, ideal for natural nails, tips, or nail extensions with forms

For better adhesion, we recommend the use of a Prime-bonder.  (In case of allergies, use Extreme Non-acid Primer. ) 

We recommend applying the first thin layer to avoid skin splashing.
For ease of use, apply first a Universal Base Coat and cure for 30sec. 

We strongly recommend the use of a Gloss Finish No Wipe Top Coat as the last layer. Just cure in the lamp for 90 sec. and ready!

It will give you an unblemished shine!
Made in Germany

In stock

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