* Building gel with rose-colored pigments and high covering power (2×1).
* A natural and optically elegant nail bed extension.
* Covers unevenness and discoloration.
* Ideal for a perfect baby boomer look.
* Curing time: LED: 60 sec | UV: 120 sec.
* Application: After preparing the nail for modeling, we recommend applying a layer of Angels Base Coat Must Be or Rubber Color Base and curing it, then build the nails with Builder Gel Rose and curing it. Then clean the sweat layer and file the shape.  You can seal the nails with Angels Gloss finish No Wipe Top Coat or use any color of your choice! The gel is also suitable for tips and stencils. You can model the complete construction or an optical nail bed extension with it.
* For nail bed lengthening, you have to start from the center of the nail in your desired shape and cure it. Then build the nails one by one and cure 60 sec.  For the French manicure apply either a French White gel or a color gel and cure.
* Made in Germany

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