• New!! Spider Gel – “stretched” gel, suitable for nail art with lines or 3D nail art. It is used with a brush or dotting pen.
  • How to use:
  • We usually model nails and file them in shape.
  • Apply a color gel, cure and remove the inhibition layer.
  • Now remove the Spider Gel from the jar with the help of a Spot Swirl or a thin nail art brush and slowly pull a “gel thread” to the other side of the nail.
  • Repeat this until your desired design is finished.
  • Then cure the nail: LED: 30sec. or UV: 120sec.
  • Seal your design with Angels Top Coat High Gloss No Wipe and cure with Led: 90 seconds.

ANGels tip for glitter fans: Before you cure the spider gel, sprinkle some glitter over your design. Cure with LED: 30sec. or UV: 120sec. and then brush the excess glitter off the nail. Seal your design with a top coat.

  • For lines without an “attachment point”, you can also put the Spider Gel on the skin and gently pull the “gel thread” over the nail. Then remove the gel from the skin before curing with cleanser.

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