PARAFFIN KIT:  Paraffin bath heater

Color: Blue or Pink (random)

Paraffin Wax Set treats your hands, feet, and elbows to an intensive care treatment, quickly and efficiently. The paraffin bath is a type of thermal therapy and is also used for the alleviation of rheumatoid symptoms. Our complete set of tender results. Combine the relaxing treatment with an extensive manicure or pedicure.
Paraffin treatment offers significant hydration to the skin, protects against aging and freckles, and gives a silky effect. It also opens the pores of the skin, enhances blood circulation, and promotes a sense of calm and relaxation in the recipient. Finally, the treatment of paraffin is beneficial for problem nails, because it maintains its flexibility and strengthens the surrounding skin.

Attention: Not recommended for people with hypertension, diabetes, phlebitis, varicose veins.

The paraffin treatment is quite common and widely used to assist in the treatment of conditions such as the following:
The dry/chapped skin on hands, heels, elbows, and knees
muscle spasms
aching muscles
stiff joints
And others…

How to use:

Put in the machine 1 kilo of paraffin and turn on the appliance to raise the temperature. Allow the paraffin to melt. Make sure your hands or feet are not hot but tolerable for the skin before you put them in.
Take off all your jewelry and spray your hands with antibacterial spray.
Wipe well with a paper towel.
Immerse your hand in the paraffin to the height of the wrist or leg up to the ankle.
Repeat the process 3-4 times until a uniform, thick layer is formed.
Put the transparent gloves on and then where the cotton gloves or booties on top. Apply the cotton glove well by hand to keep the temperature constant. This “closure” creates a pleasant accumulation of heat, forcing the pores to open. In this way, the substances with which we have treated the extremities are better introduced into the upper layers of the skin.
After 15΄ remove the paraffin starting from the wrist or ankle with the help of transparent gloves. It is extremely easy to remove.


Power: 200w
Voltage: 230v-50hz
Bucket capacity: 3000ml
Temperature switch.
Dimensions 36x17x23 cm
Suitable for elbows, hands, and feet.
Capacity min = 1.5 liters max = 3 liters

6 months warranty.

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