• Vegan and cruelty free gel!
  • Nail art effect gel
  • Fancy nail design
  • Perform beautiful effects
  • Nail art booster with bubble effects

How to use: Apply color gel (e.g green) like a full cover and cure for 30 sec. under Led lamp. Don’t remove sticky layer after curing. Apply second layer of contrasting color gel (e.g black) in a very thin layer * don’t cure second layer. Apply the booster gel in tiny drops with a spot swirl. The gel slowly separates. Wait until the desired effect has been achieved and cure. Apply Gloss Finish No Wipe Top Coat and cure for 99 seconds.

Angels Tip: The second color must be in a very thin layer!

  • Compliant with the European Cosmetics Regulation
  • Cure: LED Lamp: 30 sec. or UV Lamp 2 min. 
  • Made in Germany

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