Angels Blooming Gel is a fantastic way to get great-looking nail art in an easy and simple way. 

Blooming Gel Application: Step 1: Apply a thin layer of blooming gel.

Step 2: Design Creation: While the blooming gel is still uncured (i.e., not yet set under a UV/LED lamp), you add small drops of colored gel polish onto it. The blooming gel reacts with these drops, causing them to spread out and create various effects, like floral patterns, abstract designs, or watercolor-like spreads.

Step 3: Curing and Finishing: After achieving the desired pattern, the design is cured under a UV or LED lamp to set it in place. A  Gloss Finish No Wipe Top Coat is always applied afterward to seal the design and ensure the gel doesn’t remain tacky.

  • LED ~ 60 sec | UV ~ 120 sec
  • Blooming Gel Clear 12ml
  • Easy nail art 
  • Long lasting high gloss
  • Scratch & shock resistant
  • Elastic due to shellac ingredient
  • Made in Germany 

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