Twenty ( 20 ) individual sets of pedicure socks – Disposable – WIthout water! Instructions for use included (step by step).

  • Nwaj Nails & Beauty Watereless Nails System is based on a tried and tested, a traditional method that Brazilian manicurists have been using to care for their limbs for many years, providing the perfect pedicure spa experience with 100% safety in use. 
  • The use of individual disposable kits avoids the transmission of infectious diseases and fungal infections to the skin and nails. 
  •  They contain 24gr. nourishing cream, with a specialized formula that deeply treats the skin and nails, contributing to their reconstruction. 
  • They significantly reduce the application time in pedicure care. 
  • In practical modern Doy Pack aluminum packaging, ensures excellent product storage conditions and easy transport. 
  • Each package includes 20 pairs of pedicure socks. 

Instructions for use included step by step. 

Contraindications: Do not use the product on skin with wounds or irritated by infections. 

Do not forget to disinfect and sterilize the pedicure tools after each use!


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