Step 1
Apply the color gel as an undercoat, the best color you can use is black, and cure it.

Step 2
Use a high gloss sealer without a sticky layer e.g.ANGels Gloss Finish No Wipe Top and cure with UV or LED.

Step 3
Dab the Mirror Chrome pigment IMMEDIATELY with the pigment applicator on the sealing layer. Use only a little powder – the sealer must not cool down!

Step 4
Rub the Mirror Chrome Pigment firmly with the pigment applicator onto the sealer to create the Mirror Chrome effect.

Remove the excess powder with a soft brush or latex glove. Move lightly over the nail – this ensures an extra glow!

Step 5
Apply on the Mirror Chrome layer again a high gloss sealer without a sticky layer e.g. ANGels Gloss Finish No Wipe Top and cure with UV or LED.

Now the perfect mirror finish is ready!

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