Steam nail polish remover takes about 5 – 10 minutes and about 15 minutes for UV gel,. Also great to remove various types of nail gels, including nail polish, acrylic nails, shellac, and more!


The combination of heat and steam helps to soften gel nail polish, which helps to easily remove it (it easily slides off without injuring the nail plate).

Harmless and safe.

How to use:

1. Open the top cover of the machine.

2. Pour 5-10 ml of the solution Soak Off Remover Quick & Easy or Pure Acetone, to remove the gel (it must be poured into a plastic cup).

3. Work the top coat carefully with a hand file or buffer.

4. Turn on the power switch, then the “H” light will turn on, after a while (about 2 minutes), the “S” light will turn on, at this time you can put your fingers in the 5 holes.

5. Gel polish can be easily removed after 5 minutes, but for UV gel it will take 10 minutes.

6. Use a nail stick or pusher to quickly remove the coating from the nail plate before it dries (within 15 minutes is best).

The detailed instruction manual is included.

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