Electric High-Temperature Sterilizer Nail /Tattoo /Beauty /Hair Salon Tool (quartz sand 150gr included)

Product Description

1 x Sterilizer Box with quartz sand 150 gr.


Small and Compact Design: Ideal for nail studios, beauty salons, spas, home, professional and personal use.

Perfect for lashing, and waxing metal tools, such as nail nippers and tweezers, salon peelers, eye-brow beauty, facial tools, and tattoo needles.

The sterilizer can automatically increase to and maintain 250°C degree high temperature when you plug in the power, put the glass ball into the inner pot, and turn on the switch, which keeps the tools clean and sterile. Any liquid is not allowed to be put into the machine!

Long-Term Usage: Solid design, no pollution, and energy-saving features can be reusable and long-term use.


Technical Parameters Voltage: 110-240v

Frequency: 50-50Hz

Rated power: 100W

Colour: White, base & top red

Limited Warranty: If for any reason your Sterilizer stops working 30 days from the date of delivery we will replace it. This limited warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, or natural disaster.

In stock

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