Sterilization paper bags for tools 100 × 200mm without internal marker – 100pcs

Of course, you can use the sterilizer without Sterilization Paper Bags, but their presence allows you to achieve some advantages:

High level of customer trust (a package with sterile instruments can be opened immediately before work begins).
The ability to store sterile products outside the closet (after processing, the paper protects scissors and nail files from environmental impact).
The tools remain sealed inside the bag.

Sterilization paper bags for tools 100 × 200mm – 100pcs OEM
Designed for sterilizing instruments in a hot air sterilizer or steam sterilizer.

Dimensions: 20 × 10 cm.
Package of 100 pieces
Made of quality paper, safe, non-toxic, harmless to use.
The consumable design of the bag is clean and hygienic.
It does not take up much space, light, convenient to carry, and use.
Suitable for placing cosmetic tools, nail tools in the bag.

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