Bags with Elastic Band for Pedicure Bath 50pcs

  • Universal Pedicure Liners: Its universal shape and design is compatible with most pedicure foot spas.
  • Elastic Band: Our spa liners are equipped with an elastic band for a snug fit. It keeps the liner in place protecting the device, extending its service life of the spa bath & keeping water in place for easier clean up.
  • Thick Plastic: Thick premium quality liners are made out of High Density Polyethylene, an elastic, durable & heat resistant plastic. It doesn’t melt nor break at high temperature keeping it safe for a hot foot bath.
  • Disposable: Maximize sanitation with these easy to remove liners. Ensure a quick clean up for your pedicure station. Save time cleaning & sanitation in between customers.
  • Dimension: 100x100cm

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