* The massage stones are not included.
Always place the stones into the device first and then fill up with water!
Step 1: Prior to use, rinse off the stones.
Step 2: Insert the mains plug into a socket, switch on the device and select the desired temperature. When the water has reached the desired temperature, the temperature is automatically maintained, with slight fluctuations.
Step 3: The display lamp indicates that the heating element of the device is busy heating up. If the display lamp is off, the set temperature has not been reached.
Step 4: Carefully remove the first stone from the water container. Check the temperature by holding it in your hands. The temperature should be warm, but not unpleasant.
Step 5: When you have finished the treatment, switch the device off.
Length/Μήκος 0.3 Meters (m)- Width/Πλάτος 0.47 Meters (m)- Height/Ύψος 0.17 Meters (m)

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