Portable digital nail printer

The nail printer combines printing technology with nail technology so that it can print photos on your nails. Unique inkjet printing technology ensures high resolution and clear printing.
New design: The 3D nail printer is a desktop nail machine that can quickly and easily draw DIY nails, draw various color schemes on your nails or nail tips (French manicure).


Support DIY design with your own designs, high efficiency.

Save time by printing even the most intricate designs in minutes. Impress the customers and win the impressions!

DIY / WIFI support: You can use wifi to transfer photos to the nail printer. The operation of the touch screen is very simple, now you can draw any design on your nails.

Scope: Nail printers are suitable for nail salons, beauty salons, wedding studios, fashion stores, hairdressers, hairdressers, malls, etc. Unique inkjet printing technology ensures high resolution and clear vision of the printing effect.

Portable 3D nail printer


Operating voltage: DC 12V 4A
Power: 48W
Screen resolution: 1024 * 600 Pixs
Workplace temperature and humidity: 10 ° C-35 ° C, 20% – 80% (RH)

Nail art steps guide

Only 5 steps to complete the nail dye
①: After you have completed the nail care and you have polymerized the material
②: Apply white nail polish, polymerize in the Led lamp for 60 seconds, repeat this operation
③: Apply the glue, light, and even layer
④: Print nail design in 40 seconds for simple designs and complex 90 seconds
⑤: Apply the top coat, cure for 90 seconds and ready!


Nail printer * 1
Ink cartridge * 1
Set of nail tools * 1

6 months warranty

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